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Features: Compare to any competitors' product!


Durable epoxy head- Iridescent, mother of pearl finish. Lasts, fish after fish (outlasts hootchies 10x.

bullet Realistic-        FisHair and Crystal flash bodies for the same iridescent sheen as our heads
bulletAll patterns Glow in the Dark- Glow material built into our bodies. We frequently catch Kings and Lake Trout down to 200 ft trolling, and Halibut down to 450 ft drift fishing.
bulletTied on tubing- (.080" dia. hole) Just thread them onto your leader and slide down over hooks. When your hooks get dull, just replace the hooks.

Note: lures sold without hooks to allow the user to custom rig to your preference.

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Grand Slam Bucktails

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Ph. # 206-713-4612 If we miss you we will return your call. Ask for John

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Send us an e-mail grandslambucktails @ gmail.com. We welcome comments, fish tales, testimonials, and dealer inquiries!!

We want you to catch lots of fish, 90% of our business is repeat. To get the most out of our lures go to Saltwater Salmon, Lakes-Great Lakes( rigging info.)

Free Grand Slams: Send us a picture of your fish caught on a Grand Slam Bucktail. Include specific details on how, where, and when. If your entry is selected to appear on our website you'll win 3 FREE Grand Slams of your choice! Entries become property of What's Next and will not be returned.



Halibut Fishing

Use our SUPER-REALISTIC Lures and the following rigging and fishing techniques to catch: Pacific Halibut (Northern and Southern), Lingcod, other Cod, Grouper, and Other Reef Fish.


HaliRigs07a.jpg.jpg (96560 bytes) Our 6" Magnum  Halibut rigs. (9"overall length w/worm) Deadly for Halibut and Bottom Fish. Includes Bucktail, 9/0 hook, 18" of 80lb leader, and 6" glow worm. Just tie on your spreader bar or 3-way swivel add weight and fish.

$8.25 each

HaliHook07a.jpg.jpg (21933 bytes) This is the correct way to hook up your 6" plastic worm (included w/ Bucktail) when you buy our hali rig. This will leave 3" of worm trailing to wiggle in the current.

We've been Limiting out our 3-man boat on Halibut ( Swift Sure Bank, Wa) every trip out for the last 3 years. Usually within 1 hour, using our 6" Magnum Grand Slam Bucktail, off a spreader bar, (See picture). The fish usually run 20-50 lbs.

Some people are skeptical when we tell them we are using Bucktails to catch Halibut and we would be too, if we hadn't seen it work so many times. The reason it's so effective is this: Here in the Puget Sound/Coastal area we are plagued by a small shark called Dogfish. When you fish a herring bait on bottom for Halibut it's usually grabbed by a Dogfish 29 out of 30 times. So you end up hassling with Dogfish most of the day, and occasionally get a Halibut.

When we use our bucktail, we usually don't fish it with any bait. Dogfish, like most other sharks, feed by scent. They simply aren't interested in a lure that doesn't smell like herring. Halibut, on the other hand are aggressive sight feeders. They see our Bucktail dancing and darting up and down in their face, and just inhale it!! So we don't spend any time feeding/battling Dogfish. WE CATCH HALIBUT!!

Note: If the Dogfish are not in the area you're fishing on a particular day you can catch even more Halibut by adding a strip of Octopus or Squid to your hook. Strips of Salmon or Cod belly are also good.

Pictures of Grand Slam caught Halibut. (taken in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, and at Swift Sure Bank, Wa.) 30, 55, and 70 lbs. Click on them to enlarge.

greghali30.jpg (25797 bytes) gohali55.jpg (25714 bytes) gohali70.jpg (25513 bytes)

Rigging and fishing:

1) Drift Fishing for Halibut:Use 20" of 60 to 100 lb mono for leader. Tie hook (Mustad 3407; size 9/0 to 11/0) to one end. Thread 6" Magnum Grand Slam Bucktail on leader and slide down over hook. Hook a 6" glow curly tail plastic worm on hook. Tie end of leader to long arm of spreader bar. Add weight to other end of spreader bar and "jig" entire setup on the bottom.

2) Drift Fishing for: Halibut, Grouper, Lingcod, Cod, and other Reef Fish: Rig and fish just like #1 but instead of using spreader bar, tie a swivel to end of mainline. Tie fly/leader to other end. Tie sinker to same opening on swivel as fly/leader with a 12" length of mono for a dropper.

3) Trolling for Halibut and Lingcod: Rig 6" Magnum GSB with 11" plastic flasher like you would for adult kings (see salmon trolling page). Set downriggers within 5 ft. of bottom and troll slow (1.5 mph) with current. This works great on big flat areas where halibut and lings are spread out. For lings don't use a flasher, just run our bucktail with a curly tail plastic worm on the hook 15 ft behind your downrigger ball.

Note: For halibut and lings, we recommend using larger hooks than for salmon (two 7/0 92553's). Also use a 6" curly tail plastic worm on trailing hook.


"We caught 27 halibut using your 6" Magnum GSB and a spreader bar in 3 days fishing the Canadian side of Swift Sure Bank (summer '99). An awesome lure for halibut!"

Butch Jack, Port Renfrew, BC

Order some today!   Only $10.00 min order. Why? We know if you try 'em you'll buy again! (Delivered within a week w/ credit card orders)

"It had been a very slow day halibut fishing (Canadian side, Swift Sure Bank), Three of us had tried everything with no luck. Then I remembered that I had one of your 6" Magnum GSBs rigged for halibut and decided to try it. Within 2 hours we put 3 halibut in our fishbox (30 to 52 lbs.). A great lure. I'll be ordering more next spring!"

Tom Kintz, President, Boeing Rod and Reel Club, Seattle Chapter

"I've put over 50 halibut on my boat this summer (1999) using your 6" Magnum GSBs. A very effective lure."

Jeff W. Griffiths, Owner, W.G.'s Guide Service, Victoria, BC

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