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Features: Compare to any competitors' product!


Durable epoxy head- Iridescent, mother of pearl finish. Lasts, fish after fish (outlasts hootchies 10x.

bullet Realistic-        FisHair and Crystal flash bodies for the same iridescent sheen as our heads
bulletAll patterns Glow in the Dark- Glow material built into our bodies. We frequently catch Kings and Lake Trout down to 200 ft trolling, and Halibut down to 450 ft drift fishing.
bulletTied on tubing- (.080" dia. hole) Just thread them onto your leader and slide down over hooks. When your hooks get dull, just replace the hooks.

Note: lures sold without hooks to allow the user to custom rig to your preference.

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Grand Slam Bucktails

4403 SE 4TH ST.

Renton, WA. 98059

Ph. # 425-235-1696 If we miss you we will return your call. Ask for Graham or Stacy.

Note: We can't do credit cards over the phone yet . Please order with shopping cart or print & mail us your order form.

Send us an e-mail gsbucktails @ comcast.net. We welcome comments, fish tales, testimonials, and dealer inquiries!!

We want you to catch lots of fish, 90% of our business is repeat. To get the most out of our lures go to Saltwater Salmon, Lakes-Great Lakes( rigging info.)

Free Grand Slams: Send us a picture of your fish caught on a Grand Slam Bucktail. Include specific details on how, where, and when. If your entry is selected to appear on our website you'll win 3 FREE Grand Slams of your choice! Entries become property of What's Next and will not be returned.



Saltwater Salmon:

Our salmon page of Fame. Use our SUPER-REALISTIC LURES and learn how to become an expert at Salmon Trolling! Consistently land BIG Salmon and BIG Lake Trout.

AK58.jpg (76571 bytes) Roger Walsh's friends with their 58 and 33 lb Kings taken at Elfin Cove, AK. July, 2003. They used our 6" Magnum Blue/White-Glow bucktail 36" of leader and a large chrome Abe and Al Flasher. This is the biggest Salmon taken on our bucktails so far.....

    If you troll with rubber squids or hoochies you should give GSBs a try. Why? Because our Salmon lures usually outfish them 2 to 1 or better. Salmon actually bite hoochies thinking they are baitfish. We've cleaned hundreds of salmon (over 20 yrs). Checked their stomach contents, and only found 2 single squid! 99% of the time they're full of baitfish. Our bucktails look just like real baitfish, so you catch more fish with them!  

Here are some important tips to remember:

  1. We recommend you try our lures. They simply are the finest made, and one of the most effective lures you can use!!

  2. Use the leader lengths we recommend. (with flashers and dodgers) We've established these lengths by literally thousands of hours of on the water testing and customer feedback.

  3. Use 30 to 50 lb leader with a flasher or dodger. We know this seems heavy, but it makes our bucktails work even better.If you want less visibility use fluorocarbon leader.

  4. Troll at the speed we suggest.


Rigging for Salmon Trolling and Large Trout: Use a standard salmon mooching leader, ie:30 to 50 lb test, two 3/0 to 5/0 hooks (Mustad 92553s or similar style) tied 1" apart. Thread fly on leader and slide down over hooks. Tie the other end of leader to the tail end of flasher or dodger using specified leader length; Measure from tail end of flasher or dodger to the nose of bucktail. Best leader length is in bold. 

With 11"Plastic Flasher (Hotspot or similar brand)  


27-30" for Coho, Pinks (troll @ 2-2.5 mph)


32-33" for Coho (troll @ 3-3.5 mph) if you prefer to troll @ faster speed.


29-31" for Blackmouth or Springs (troll @ 2-2.5 mph)


36-39" for Adult Kings (troll @  2-2.5 mph) 50 lb. test is best here!


27-30" for Chums (troll slow @ 1.8-2.0 mph)

With Dodger (size 0)


14-18" for Coho, Chum, Pinks, Blackmouth, and Big Trout (troll @1.5-2.0 mph) 


21-23" for Adult Kings (troll @ 1.5-2.0 mph)

With Dodger (size 00)


10-14" for Coho and Big Trout (troll @1.5 mph) note: use 10-15 lb leader with this smaller dodger and 2/0 hooks.

 For downrigger trolling run setups 15 ft behind weight. For flatline trolling use crescent sinker (2-8oz.) 3 ft ahead of flasher or dodger. Another tip: Add a twinkle skirt to our lures. Just slide onto the leader before our lures. Good colors are: silver, green, purple, and red. Sometimes our lures work even better with this addition, sometimes not. Experiment a little!

Additional Tips:


Troll with the current flow. (we catch 80% of our fish going w/the flow, only 20% going against it.


Best fishing is 1 hr before tide change to 2 hrs after. Also dusk and dawn.


Add a small strip of baitfish to your hooks, fillet a herring, anchovy, or other baitfish. Cut into long triangular strips1/4"wide by 3"long, then roll in un-iodized salt. Hook strip once through the wide end so it is hidden in the fibers of fly. We get 15 baits out of one 6" herring. The scent will  increase your catch.


If you use bait oils/scents put them on your flasher, they gum up our flies. We use 10 drops on the tail end of our flasher. Re-apply every 20 min.


fish tide rips for Coho (troll rigs @ 20-60 ft deep even if bottom is 400 ft deep) This is their usual cruising/ feeding depth.


Fish shorelines, edges of kelp beds, points, and drop offs when King Salmon Fishing. Most of the time they hug the bottom, so troll w/a downrigger just off the bottom. The only exception to this is the adult summer/fall kings, which are often caught suspended off bottom @ 40-80 ft deep.

Order some today!   Only $10.00 min order. Why? We know if you try 'em you'll buy again! (Delivered within a week w/ credit card orders)

michael46.jpg (55015 bytes)"Here's a picture of my 46lb-9oz King Salmon taken in Wrangell, Alaska (June, 2000). I can tell you with all honesty that your fly was responsible for my wonderful fish being caught. I fished two weeks using your 4" Blue Herring fly/with a hotspot flasher, and it out fished all other lures. When I left, my host (a lodge owner) asked that I leave some of your flies behind. Thank you, Michael Brazeau." (Michael also told us that he caught a total of 19 kings ranging from 18 to 46 lbs. on our lures).


leo47.jpg (72011 bytes)"Grand Slam Bucktails are great!! My friend Leo Kingrey caught this  47lb-2oz King Salmon (on 8-29-00) using your 4" Blue Herring and a green Hotspot flasher. We have also caught 6 other kings over 20 lbs. each over the last 6 weeks with the your lures, as well as some smaller ones. What amazes us both is that yours is the only lure we have ever used that catches all types of fish...Needless to say, it's now the only lure we use on our boat. Thank you ...Dan Koesterman." (fish taken in the Tacoma, Wa area)



We have lots of other photos and testimonials of Grand Slam caught fish. Click on link to see them!

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