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Features: Compare to any competitors' product!


Durable epoxy head- Iridescent, mother of pearl finish. Lasts, fish after fish (outlasts hootchies 10x.

bullet Realistic-        FisHair and Crystal flash bodies for the same iridescent sheen as our heads
bulletAll patterns Glow in the Dark- Glow material built into our bodies. We frequently catch Kings and Lake Trout down to 200 ft trolling, and Halibut down to 450 ft drift fishing.
bulletTied on tubing- (.080" dia. hole) Just thread them onto your leader and slide down over hooks. When your hooks get dull, just replace the hooks.

Note: lures sold without hooks to allow the user to custom rig to your preference.

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What's Next?

Grand Slam Bucktails

4403 SE 4TH ST.

Renton, WA. 98059

Ph. # 425-235-1696 If we miss you we will return your call. Ask for Graham or Stacy.

Note: We can't do credit cards over the phone yet . Please order with shopping cart or print & mail us your order form.

Send us an e-mail gsbucktails @ comcast.net. We welcome comments, fish tales, testimonials, and dealer inquiries!!

We want you to catch lots of fish, 90% of our business is repeat. To get the most out of our lures go to Saltwater Salmon, Lakes-Great Lakes( rigging info.)

Free Grand Slams: Send us a picture of your fish caught on a Grand Slam Bucktail. Include specific details on how, where, and when. If your entry is selected to appear on our website you'll win 3 FREE Grand Slams of your choice! Entries become property of What's Next and will not be returned.



Mitzi1.jpg (85189 bytes) A beautiful 22 lb coho, caught in Raleigh Passage, BC. Sept. 1, 2009. "Taken on your 6" Magnum Green/White Bucktail, 29" leader, chartreuse/silver Hotspot Flasher. Fast troll on downrigger. The fish struck just when 3 adult humpback whales were breaching/frolicking about 130 meters away."  Mitzi Baker, Sequim, WA. 

7-27-02a.jpg (85299 bytes)  "Check out this stringer of kings! Caught on your famous 4" Green Needlefish and Blue Needlefish Bucktails Flies. They ranged in size from 18-21 lbs. We rigged the flies behind green Hotspot flashers with a 34" 40 lb leader, two 5/0 hooks, and provided extra enticement with a small strip of herring as you mention in your saltwater salmon page. We were fishing near Pt. Defiance, in Tacoma, WA on July 27th, 2002. We always feel confident when fishing with Grand Slam Bucktail flies."

 DeWayne Crust & Bob Minnitti, Port Orchard, WA


bigfish_2.jpg (71670 bytes) "A 24 lb king I caught recently(8-8-03) on a Grand Slam Bucktail. It was in the Tulalip Bubble, down past 100ft, 30" leader 30 lb. What an awesome lure, no mess, no stink, long lasting, very productive and efficient lure-well done"   Miki Nguyen, Everett, WA.




bart25.jpg (66625 bytes)  Our good friend Bart Whiting with a nice 25 lb King taken at Neah Bay, WA. on 5-25-02. Bart is always joking with me (Graham Owens- owner of Grand Slam Bucktails). He says "son, let me show you how it's done". Well, this time he did. I caught a 12lb king. Bart's fish was taken on a 4" Herring White/Glow GSB we customized by coloring the back Purple with a permanent marker. He fished our bucktail with a blue/glow spatterback Hotspot flasher and 38"leader.






bryan15.jpg (73640 bytes)  "Dear Grand Slam Bucktails: I am just learning to troll for kings in Kodiak, Alaska. I saw your internet site and ordered four of your GSBs. I couldn't wait to try it out so I went to the local store and bought one to test out. I rigged it up and followed your directions. About five minutes into our trolling we hooked into this 15 lb King. We were trolling at 65 ft with an 8" orange Hotspot flasher, 28" leader, using the White/Glow Herring GSB. I never thought I would be writing one of these testimonials, but here it is. This is the Honest Truth. I can't wait to try out the other four GSBs that are still on the way. If you are waiting to get one, don't. It only took me five minutes to realize this was a great purchase."

Thank you, Bryan Ellsworth

Order some today!   Only $10.00 min order. Why? We know if you try 'em you'll buy again! (Delivered within a week w/ credit card orders)

ammerman.jpg (92798 bytes) "Hi! You have two more converts! My wife and I were out on our boat and she opted for 4" Blue Needlefish behind a new Oki blue/green flasher, neither of which we had fished before. The first afternoon she had 25 strikes to my one ( I was using my standard #2 chrome/flash dodger and a home tied fly which had always been good to me). We saved one coho for a supper barbie. Next AM same thing. I was horribly out fished for about one hour, so I changed to a Yellow/green Oki and your 4" Green Needlefish and bam, I stayed with her nearly strike for strike. In four days we had over 100 strikes and released 25 legal fish along with lots of shakers. As the picture shows it was a mixed bag of coho, humps, chinook, and one chum all at the same depth and speed. Wow, thanks guys! I'm taking my partner out tomorrow to let him become a convert. Thanks again, Gary & Judy Ammerman.  Gig Harbor, WA  9-10-03 

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