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Features: Compare to any competitors' product!


Durable epoxy head- Iridescent, mother of pearl finish. Lasts, fish after fish (outlasts hootchies 10x.

bullet Realistic-        FisHair and Crystal flash bodies for the same iridescent sheen as our heads
bulletAll patterns Glow in the Dark- Glow material built into our bodies. We frequently catch Kings and Lake Trout down to 200 ft trolling, and Halibut down to 450 ft drift fishing.
bulletTied on tubing- (.080" dia. hole) Just thread them onto your leader and slide down over hooks. When your hooks get dull, just replace the hooks.

Note: lures sold without hooks to allow the user to custom rig to your preference.

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What's Next?

Grand Slam Bucktails

4403 SE 4TH ST.

Renton, WA. 98059

Ph. # 206-713-4612 If we miss you we will return your call. Ask for John

Note: We can't do credit cards over the phone yet . Please order with shopping cart or print & mail us your order form.

Send us an e-mail grandslambucktails @ gmail.com. We welcome comments, fish tales, testimonials, and dealer inquiries!!

We want you to catch lots of fish, 90% of our business is repeat. To get the most out of our lures go to Saltwater Salmon, Lakes-Great Lakes( rigging info.)

Free Grand Slams: Send us a picture of your fish caught on a Grand Slam Bucktail. Include specific details on how, where, and when. If your entry is selected to appear on our website you'll win 3 FREE Grand Slams of your choice! Entries become property of What's Next and will not be returned.



It's official! 2015 flies are on the way just in time for the hot season! Email grandslambucktails@gmail.com or call (206)713-4612 to get your pre-orders placed today!

Welcome, You've just  discovered one of the most realistic and deadly Salmon Trolling Lures available on the web!  Also Deadly for Bass &Walleye, Bait Casting click here. For 17 years our Salmon and Lake Trout lures have taken Washington State and Alaska by storm!  Oregon, California and the Great Lakes are next! 

Landed 11 top ten salmon derby winners...and counting!!

All our lures are UV Reflective and Glow in the Dark! Click on picture below to see them under a Black Light.

GrandSlamUV1.jpg (87974 bytes)

We take pride in offering one of the deadliest and finest lures ever made! For Salmon, Lake Trout, and all Game Fish. Designed for Trolling with a Flasher or Dodger.  Can be rigged for Bass, Bottom fish, Halibut, Tuna, and Dorado. Click on  our "other rigging" page to find out how.

Roberta.jpg (72913 bytes) JuhaAtlantic35.jpg (63549 bytes) BryanKing50.jpg (80064 bytes)
$20,000 Derby Winner. Roberta Redick took the Grand Prize in the 2005 LOC Derby. A 32lbs 9oz King. One of several Kings, Coho, & Steelhead her party landed that day.  She used our 4" White/Glow Herring, Bucktail,  15" leader & 8" White Pro Troll Flasher. In Pulaski, NY,  Lake Ontario 35 lb Atlantic Salmon  " I ordered 8 bucktails from you a while ago, and I can tell you that I'm happy! Quite a few Atlantic Salmon have become victims of these great bucktails. Last week, we won biggest fish prize in a derby, thanks to the Green/Glow Herring Bucktail."           Juha Merila In Finland/Sweden 50 lb Winter King "Here's the latest greatest photo. My friend and I landed this 50 lb monster in early Dec. on a 4"Needlefish Grand Slam Bucktail behind an orange Hot Spot Flasher. Prior to this fish we landed a 35 lb halibut and a 30 lb king. These bucktails continue to outperform all my other lures."       Bryan Ellsworth. Kodiak, AK

Our Complete Lineup (Except for Halibut rigs on Halibut Page)

Mini4.jpg (86756 bytes)

Our 3" Mini patterns in: , Green-glow, White-glow, and Black-glow. These are Deadly for Kokanee, and All Trout in lakes, when fished behind a small dodger . $5.00 ea.

 available soon

For Walleye and Bass rigging see our Other Rigging webpage.

Herring4.jpg (80392 bytes) Our 4" Herring patterns in Blue-glow, Green-glow, White-glow and Black-glow. These are our most popular lures for year round salmon fishing.  Click on picture for a larger version of our "King and Coho Flies".$5.00 ea.  

Blue-glow, Green-glow, White-glow available soon


Needle4.jpg (85727 bytes)

Another one of our "King and Coho flies". Our 4" Needlefish patterns in  Green-glow, White-glow, and Black-glow. Our personal Favorites for winter and spring kings. Also deadly year round when fish are feeding on needlefish.$5.00 ea.

 available soon

You can custom color the White-glow with a permanent marker to MATCH ANY  local baitfish!

Mags07a.jpg.jpg (100929 bytes) Our 6" Magnums in Blue/White-Glow, Green/White-Glow, &  White-Glow. Deadly for big Kings, Halibut, Tuna. Just slide them on your own hook/leader and fish $7.00 ea. See them rigged on our Halibut Page.

available soon


Testimonials: unpaid

"My clients expect me to produce fish on my salmon charters.
That's why I use the Grand Slam Bucktail. Its uniquely designed head and
mylar body give it a life like action in the water that salmon just can't

The Grand Slam Bucktail has produced over a hundred King salmon in one month and
placed my boat in the money in several salmon derbies. 
I feel so positive about the results of this fly that I recommend it
to the readers of my column in Fishing & Hunting News Magazine.

If you want to put fish in the boat use a Grand Slam Bucktail on your next
fishing trip."

  Captain John Keizer
  Puget Sound Salmon Charters,
Outdoor columnist at Fishing & Hunting News-WA: also at the Reel News. Instructor at Salmon University.com

"Grand Slam bucktails catch lots of fish for my clients. With 15 years in the charter business I have encountered a lot of the latest and greatest things to catch fish with, most are good at catching fishermen and some will catch fish. The Grand Slam Bucktail is the best producer for adult king salmon that I use. This is a product that works and it works great".

Captain Gary Krein -All Star Fishing Charters-Everett, WA

Order some today!   Only $10.00 min order, Why? We know if you try 'em you'll buy again (Delivered within a week w/ credit card orders)


Why try our lures?  For the same reasons guides & charters use them:

  1. THEY REALLY WORK! From Alaska to California to the Great Lakes. We sold over 6,000 per year in the Seattle area alone (2001-2003 seasons)

  2. THEY'LL SAVE YOU MONEY. Our lures are only $5.00 Cheaper than a dozen herring, and you'll still have your lure for next time.

  3. THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES. You don't have to buy any bait.  We still add a  small strip of salted herring for scent to our hook, but we get 12-15  baits from one 6" herring. (Details on Bait Prep- leaders page) 

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